Baby Pictures

Newborn and Family – sneak peek



CutiePie Kaleigh



Photos in the Park

Here are a couple of selections from a recent shoot at Park Ave in Winter Park….20080811 Goodlad (3 of 4)

20080811 Goodlad (1 of 4)

20080811 Goodlad (4 of 4)

Just the kids

Here are some more selections from the last session…

Her first sunset


New Smyrna Beach Pictures

Here is a quasiHDR image created from a single RAW file.

(For the photographers out there): The original exposure is at the bottom of this post.  Basically, I created three jpegs of various exposure adjustments from a single raw file and merged them as an HDR in photoshop.  However, Danielle and baby didn’t look so great so I added them as another layer using masks.  Finally, a couple of adjustment layers for select areas and wallah!

beach HDR

Original Exposure.

beach as exposed

Happy 1st Birthday Jackson!





Morning with my cutsie

What a better way to start the day than testing out a new lens with some candid shots of my Cutiepie?


She really wants to get her hands on the camera…


The man [usually] behind the [shutter] curtain

20080318 me

A rail candid photo

20080318 beautiestrain

Nosy grandparents

20080318 grandparents

9 months post maternity picture

Mom and daughter.  Nine months later.
20080318 daniellejuliettegreen

Maternity photo with a kiss

20080318 L maternity kiss

Tulle Time

Click the pic for the whole set.


Sneak Peek

030608 Lemsneak1

Sneak peek of a cute little girl that we shot in Tuskawilla. 

A Visit with Great Grandma

Back surgery is no fun. Fortunately, we have a 21lb prescription of joy to ease the pain.

022508 ggHostVisit1
022508 ggHostVisit

The hotel chair

Danielle has training in NJ, and I’m up here with Juliette. I’m really tired of being in the hotel! Anyway, here are a few pics to document our trip…

020908 julietteNJ

the profile of joy

012808 silhouette

She leans to the right

Rest of the pics here

012508 juliette lean

Who grabbed my paw?

baby paw

Baby Spa

Black and White Baby Picture – Orlando, FL 

Congratulations on #3


Christmas Decorations


A gift for mommy and daddy