Family Pictures




Cousins in Franklin, TN

Cousins in Franklin, TN


Family Christmas Pictures in Franklin

Family Photos at the Factory

Grandma. 4/30/2024 – 1/12/2012

Yesterday, this world lost a great woman of faith and family (and a bit of frugality:).  Our loss is her gain as she beholds the glory of the Lord.  These are some of the images of moments I and my family had the privilege of sharing with her.

Justin Schellenbergon Vimeo.

Simmons Family

My Blue-eyed girl

From Fall 2011 FL trip

Easter Egg Hunt


Ever the servant

Decades come and decades go, but grandma still serves me cake on my birthday.  I think the cake-pan predates me (circa 1967).


My Girl

The Schuessler Fam at Park Ave




The Sechrest fam at the Hard Rock Hotel



Newborn and Family – sneak peek



Merry Christmas

20081220-4x6 Christmas card

Photos in the Park

Here are a couple of selections from a recent shoot at Park Ave in Winter Park….20080811 Goodlad (3 of 4)

20080811 Goodlad (1 of 4)

20080811 Goodlad (4 of 4)

Family Portrait in Tavares

I know…too long between posts, but here is a selection from a family shoot out in Tavares on a lovely piece of land with a beautiful home.

Her first sunset


New Smyrna Beach Pictures

Here is a quasiHDR image created from a single RAW file.

(For the photographers out there): The original exposure is at the bottom of this post.  Basically, I created three jpegs of various exposure adjustments from a single raw file and merged them as an HDR in photoshop.  However, Danielle and baby didn’t look so great so I added them as another layer using masks.  Finally, a couple of adjustment layers for select areas and wallah!

beach HDR

Original Exposure.

beach as exposed

Oh Brother

Brothers at the fountain

The man [usually] behind the [shutter] curtain

20080318 me

A rail candid photo

20080318 beautiestrain

Nosy grandparents

20080318 grandparents

A Visit with Great Grandma

Back surgery is no fun. Fortunately, we have a 21lb prescription of joy to ease the pain.

022508 ggHostVisit1
022508 ggHostVisit

A gift for mommy and daddy



Christmas Kids


…just some pictures of some of the cutest kids ever.