Friends and Family

A walk in the park

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Cool Kid






A Mothers Love

juliette mom_0441 500pxl

juliette mom_0442 500pxl

juliette mom_0464 500pxl

The rest of pics

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Grandbabies Collage for Desktop

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Happy Birthday Grandma

It’s grandma’s birthday. What better way to spend it than with these two beauties.

gma grandkids 400pxl

gma juliette_0337 350pxl

Juliette and Lilly

juliette lilly_0222 450pxl

Baby Picture….redeaux

I wasn’t happy with the first go around, so here it is again in all its splendor…juliette-0157 400pxl2

Bummin’ Around

juliette_0177 400pxl

What can I say?

juliette-0157 400pxl

Phillips Fam – take2


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Juliette’s Announcement



Mr. Wy


Danielle cleans up at shower

Danielle’s baby shower for Juliette took place today, and she really made out with lots of good stuff. I was hired (pro bono) as the photographer; the setting was perfect for photos. Everybody involved did a great job and the place was decorated beautifully as you can see from some of these pictures. More pics of the event are here, but a login is required. If you don’t have one yet please contact me via the contact page. Alternately, you can give Danielle or me a call, and we will be happy to assist by walking you through the login process. Many thanks to everyone involved for a great event.



daniellebabyshower07-8339.jpg  daniellebabyshower07-8434.jpg

New Family Pictures

Alas! I have uploaded some pictures for your enjoyment! _mg_6663.jpgAll the Family/Personal Photos from the old site have been transferred to the new site with improved search capabilities. Any photos taken before 1/1/2007 are in the album labeled “Archive -pre 2007″. All photos from 1/1/2007 and on will be placed into appropriate folders, and I will be updating the album more regularly.If you use news readers you’ll find a little icon over to the left (look now) which will allow you to add this wondrous site to your newsreader for easy to obtain updates.

Uploaded pictures are of Wyatt as well as the Pogue wedding. Click on the picture of Wyatt to go to the family section.