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Cypress Grove Estate Wedding Photos

Here are a couple of wedding photos from a beautiful wedding at the Cypress Grove Estate House in Orlando, FL.






Sarah & David; engaged

Click on the picture to view the slideshow of images taken at Cranes Roost in Altamonte.

Wedding Day

Here are some images and a slideshow of Becca and Earl’s beautiful wedding at the Church of the Ascension followed by a fun reception at Metro West Country Club in Orlando.

Click here to view the slideshow or navigate to:



purple heart




Birthday Fun

Here are a couple of pictures from Elle’s birthday Party; complete with petting zoo!



20090221-ellebday-3851 20090221-ellebday-3930 20090221-ellebday-3828 20090221-ellebday-3845

Senior Session at Cranes Roost – Sneak Peek


A walk through Pittsburgh, PA

20080927 (2 of 7)

20080927 (5 of 7)

20080927 (7 of 7)

20080927 (4 of 7)

20080927 (3 of 7)

20080927 (1 of 7)

20080927 (6 of 7)

Just the kids

Here are some more selections from the last session…

Family Portrait in Tavares

I know…too long between posts, but here is a selection from a family shoot out in Tavares on a lovely piece of land with a beautiful home.

New Smyrna Beach Pictures

Here is a quasiHDR image created from a single RAW file.

(For the photographers out there): The original exposure is at the bottom of this post.  Basically, I created three jpegs of various exposure adjustments from a single raw file and merged them as an HDR in photoshop.  However, Danielle and baby didn’t look so great so I added them as another layer using masks.  Finally, a couple of adjustment layers for select areas and wallah!

beach HDR

Original Exposure.

beach as exposed

Morning with my cutsie

What a better way to start the day than testing out a new lens with some candid shots of my Cutiepie?


She really wants to get her hands on the camera…


I rustled up some Grubb [pics]

…from the Grubb wedding. The Mother/Son dance.



Christmas Decorations


Christmas reflections

guatemalan boy

I took this picture of a young boy picking cardamom in the remote mountains of Guatemala while on a missionary trip. Normally I don’t accompany my photos with much, if any, text, but I decided to make an exception on this Christmas Eve.

I often reflect on the peoples in this remote part of Guatemala. They have no electricity, no plumbing and dirt floors. This boy has tattered clothing and no shoes. Yet, he leaves his sandy floored home and climbs the mountains while the sun climbs along its arc. All day he labors for just pennies so we can flavor our abundant food. After he fills the bags, another one of his people come to carry the load of spices for further processing. The bags weigh in excess of 100lbs and can be carried for days at a time. Even if they could afford a rusted old truck (one that I wouldn’t think twice about sending to the junk yard) it wouldn’t matter as there are no roads here. Only work.

This Christmas I will count my blessings. A wonderful wife, a beautiful new baby, a supportive family, great friends and health.


On a side note: this photo was taken with a little point and shoot camera while hiking up a mountain to the village “La Ventana de Ceilo” (The window of Heaven). It is believed that we were the first non indigenous people to ever visit this particular village. This photo reaffirms to me that I don’t need to have the latest and greatest equipment to capture compelling photos.

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A gift for mommy and daddy



Cold as ice



Central Park

Children’s Children’s Children


generations-2804 w.lee

Train Town



The Elusive Blue eyed lion

wyatt lion_2261 450pxl

tasty toes

juliette feet-1813 450pxl

juliette feet-1811 450pxl